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Participant Information

The following terms are subject to participant information.

The participant must provide valid information such as their name, email address, phone etc., in the registration process as these information are required for verification of order and payment.

The participant is required to provide a valid email address and phone number to which notifications on event registration, participant and payment details will be sent for confirmation.

The participant is required to confirm the event registration details recieved in the email and text notification received when checking in for the scheduled event.

In case of losing the event registration details, the participant will be required to provide the information they used for registering for the event for verification.

Providing any wrong information about the participant in event registration will be subject to cancellation of the registration.

Event Registration

The following terms are subject to registration of the events.

If the participant commits duplicate registration for the same event or game on the same schedule, the duplicate registration will be cancelled.

The participant can register for more than one slot (or) ticket per game or event. This is applicable if the registrant is registering for more than one participants, such as family members or friends in a single registration.

The participant will get a ticket ID for each registered game slot and a participation and order ID upon successful registration.

The ticket ID is required for verification of the participant during checking in for the event game.

Upon checking in for the event, the participant must use the same ticket ID for verification in any case. Losing the ticket ID or exchanging or selling the ticket will be subject to cancellation of registration and participation in the event.

Event Participation

The following terms are subject to participation procedures for the event.

The participant is requested to be present at the event check-in prior to the event or game scheduled time.

Only the registered participant or multiple participants in same event registration are allowed to check-in with their respective registration ticket ID.

The participant must contact and inform the event organizers in case if they give their ticket ID to someone else for participating in the event. In not informed prior, the person replacing the participant will be rejected from participating in the event and the registration will be subject to cancellation.

Event Rescheduling

The following terms are subject to rescheduling events that are already registered.

The participant should contact the event organizers for rescheduling their registered event

The participant should and provide their registration details including participant information, ticket ID and order ID for the event that is to be rescheduled.

Rescheduling must be done atleast an hour before the new schedule time selected by the participant.

The participant cannot reschedule the event if there are no slots available for the event and will be subject to cancellation of the scheduled event.


The following terms are subject to refund of event registration.

Cancellation of your registered event less than 15 minutes before the event scheduled time will be subject to NO REFUND.

Missing or not attending the registered event on scheduled time will be subject to NO REFUND

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